The biggest

revolution in floorings

since the Internet

came along.

We offer flexible and non-intrusive

activity monitoring

Technis smart floor

technis counting carpets

Truly swiss data treatment

We believe in an elegant

and discrete use of the flooring

as a way to augment the

understanding of your venue.

Real-time KPI’s and external data crossing

We provide an extremely reliable

data analysis that you can cross

with external data and integrate

into dashboards in your

personalized user interface.


Data analytics >

Data analytics

Maximise your ROI with a personalised dashboard allowing you to follow your KPIs whilst crossing with any external data.


Non-intrusive >


The very nature of the system guarantees a non-intrusive data generation respecting your privacy.


Real-time >


The information transmission happens in real-time for a live access from any end-user device.


Cloud >


The power of the cloud allows for a continuous data treatment and a centralised access to all services.


Flexible >


Carpet or underlay modules allow the highest flexibility in installation.


Rent or buy >

Rent or buy

Whether you need a perennial monitoring solution a short-term study our system can be bought or rented.

They count on us

We’re all about

technology moving

the physical world

The combination of precision and user – friendliness is what made us choose Technis.

Samuel Cherix – Event Manager

Having a mat counting people and receiving a notification when something is going wrong makes my life much easier.

Eric du Pasquier – Security manager

We provide convention and events organizers with highly accurate, dynamic and easy to deploy counting technology.

Marie-Hélène Blain – Head of Events Swiss Tech Convention Center

Technis x People flow management

Meet Paul

Follow him in his journey as an infrastructure and facility manager.

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a digital map of your venue
and validate the required KPIs.

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