Technis Counting

Technis Counting 2.0

Technis Counting Carpets

A smart counting carpet combined with services for your infrastructure.

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User Interface

  • All the information summarized in a dashboard.
  • Manage all your equipped sites at the same time.
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  • All the information, a click away.
  • Push notifications for your staff when an issue shows up or to perform a task.
  • Customized reports and data in real-time.
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Use Cases


Facility Management

We provide real-time and actionnable information to enhance your service.

  • Bring counting as a value-adding and optimization tool for your infrastructure.
  • Optimize your cleaning costs thanks to real-time counting and thus cleaning based on people traffic levels instead of at fixed hours.


We provide detailed visitor analytics to help you increase conversion rate.

  • We give you the possibility to measure Customers’ engagement as it has a direct impact on your conversion rate and thus, your sales.
  • Count each and every customer that comes in your shop to generate a conversion rate and measure your business‘ success.


We measure people flow and we translate it into actionable information to optimize the activity of your infrastructure.

  • Measuring the performance of your conferences gives you a clear comparison and helps you to build your next conference content.
  • Combine a seamless and precise solution to count your visitors without slowing people flow.