Facility Management

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You are driven by quality and costs optimisation for your customers.

We provide real-time and actionnable information to enhance your service.


Facility managers are driven by delivering quality and reliable service to their customers. Counting visitors in sanitary allows you to allocate your workforce based on people traffic levels instead of at fixed hours to save time and money.


Receive direct cleaning alerts after a number of people was reached.


Optimize the cleaning schedule of your cleaning agents.


Offer the best quality of cleaning for your clients.


Optimize space in high people traffic places like cafeterias is challenging for managers. Counting visitors in real-time with our technology allows you to measure peaks of affluence quantitatively and temporarily. Long term setups allow you to deduce trends and to be preventive instead of reactive.


Understand rush hours and the causes of queue.


Offer the best cafeteria experience without any queue.


People security must be guaranteed in infrastructures and rooftops are no exception. Maximum capacity and occupancy are the main indicators to fulfill this duty. Technis real-time counting solution provides you with instant and reliable information to secure your rooftops.


Receive real-time alert before the maximum capacity on your rooftop exceeds.


Optimize cleaning and security of your rooftops.

Office space

Occupancy rate is key for space optimization and cost saving in numerous infrastructures. Our solution allows you to monitor the activity to optimize your space.


Understand your ROI on how the space is used.


Optimize the cleaning schedule.


Offer the best space arrangement to your employees.

Technis modules allow the highest flexibility in installation.

It takes 5 minutes to install a strategic point !

Smart carpets do not track and ID visitors. We like to provide the most useful information without interfering with people’s private environnement.

The smart carpet is very portable and can be installed everywhere where people flux is crucial to be understood. Facility managers like to have flexible and easy technology to install at their clients’ infrastructure.