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Understanding visitors behavior is crucial for your shop.

We provide detailed visitor analytics to help you increase conversion rate.

Engagement rate

Customers’ engagement has a direct impact on your conversion rate and thus, your sales. We give you the possibility to measure it, mainly through the average waiting time spent in front of a particular spot in your shop. Therefore, you can base product disposition on reliable data instead of speculation.


Understand conversion rate of your customers


Optimise physical advertising.

Counting visitors

Counting all customers (visitors as well as buyers) is crucial to generate a conversion rate. How many customers went in ? How many bought something ? Technis offers you access to this data to maximize your business activity.


Receive daily report of the number of visitors for statistical purposes.


Prove the relevance of advertising to your sponsors and partners

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are at the heart of clothing shops’ activity. We offer you the capability to control their occupancy and to take actions in real-time to alleviate issues.


Understand how long people are spending.


Allocate new staff ressources in rush hours and increase your revenues.

Technis modules allow the highest flexibility in installation.

It takes 5 minutes to install a strategic point !

Smart carpets do not track and ID visitors. We like to provide the best minimum useful information without interfering with people’s private environnement.